Alive silhouette, next Telenoika mapping in Signal Festival

Alive silhouette, next Telenoika mapping in Signal Festival

Signal Festival 2013
Location: Arcibiskupský palác , PRAGA
Timing of instalation: 17. 10. – 20.10. 2013; 19:30 – 23:30. Projection repeats after every 15 minutes.

We thought on Alive silhouette as a concept that can bear several ideas that we found interesting or creatively rich on what concerns to czech culture. We take inspiration on the drawings and paintings of Zdenek Sýkora because we felt some deserved reverence towardsone of the pioneers of computer generated art. But our research lead us to another kind of not so computerly geek artists too, who were also pioneers in their fields. We are talking about stop motion and filmaking artists such as Jiří Bárta and Karol Zeman, among others. Same time, we feel really impressed for Kafka’s work and his imagery. Trying to tie all those concepts and ideas, we landed a proposal which is based on four creative materials / supports, each one with its own properties to be depicted:

-Crystal / glass, which could be shattered, used to be white, and with highlights prone to generate Bokeh effect when seen through a camera, out of focus.

-Clay, which can be deformed, used to be brown, and could be easily associated with kind of a truly handmade thing, done in small ateliers, lit by humble tungsten lamps.

-Wood, another material strongly related to handcrafted things and to miniatures, all present in the sets of classic stop motion films. Things here appear somewhat out of proportion or exagerated in an intended (but unavoidable too) way, to strength some qualities of things (could be from the set or from the characters themselves) that could otherwise remain unnoticed from the viewer.

-And digital support and mathematical input/output, which is the generative side of art that we are able to do mainly thanks to computers. Randomly, clean, perhaps sometimes just messy and noisy, or pure and geometric.

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