Interdisciplinary Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media

Interdisciplinary Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media

The Universitat Pompeu Fabra is offering a new interdisciplinary master
in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media (CSIM) that will start in
September 2007. CSIM is conceived for students having a background in
any of the related fields of knowledge ranging from science and
engineering to humanities and arts that is equivalent to an official
undergraduate degree (See Admission for details).

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Orientation: Research (PhD) and professional

mission of CSIM is to train the future generation of researchers and
professionals that will investigate, develop, engineer, deploy and
analyse the cognitive systems and interactive media that will populate
our future societies. CSIM will achieve this goal through a fundamental
interdisciplinary approach that combines science, engineering, arts and
humanities to instil a deep understanding of the design, construction,
deployment and analysis of cognitive systems and interactive media
combined with the practical skills to realize them.

Academic structure:
The master can be completed
with a science/technology or media/humanities specialization and
several project oriented routes can be taken: Cognitive Systems,
Content and Media, Quality of Life and Mobility and Interaction. These
routes are aligned with the Information Society Technology programs of
the 7th framework program of the European Commission. In discussion
with the tutor and the coordinator also an itinerary that is fully
customized to the expertise and objectives of the student can be
The main distinctions are between the 1 year (60 ECTS) and
the 2 year track (120 ECTS) with either a research or a professional
orientation. The choice of duration of the curriculum depends on the
student’s previous experience and education and their objectives. The
research orientation prepares the students for a PhD in any of the
associated departments, while the professional orientation prepares
them to enter a career in industry.

The master is project oriented and students are included in the research activities of the affiliated research groups.

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