Rafaël : Live AV : 27 mar 2012 / Telenoika

Rafaël : Live AV : 27 mar 2012 / Telenoika

03miniRafaël :: Audiovisual Live
21h a 21.45h, el dimarts 27 març 2012
Entrada Lliure, a Telenoika.

             KYOUL mean «winter» in Korean.
             KYOUL is my winter travel inside Seoul.
Is an video journal, a day-by day observation work, than I’m gonna use with the live-cinema medium.
Is at the cross between the narrative (since is my journal) and the documentary (I follow peoples and situations).
Seoul is an extreme and giant town, I capture stories and organisms between buildings.
In this work, U gonna see buildings forest’s, cars, old and young peoples, homeless delirium, fashion models shooting sessions, dialogues, millions of lights, advertising public demonstrations, urbans screens halucinations, loneliness, and joy.
KYOUL is in BLACK and WHITE, to play with these contrasted observations.

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