What makes our media tactical?

What makes our media tactical?

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"Los Medios Tácticos no sólo informan o describen acontecimientos,

no proclaman ser objetivos ni neutrales, no son nunca imparciales.

Nosotros no somos observadores. Somos participantes
Manifiesto de los Medios Tácticos



What makes our media tactical?

Tactical media do not just report or describe events , nor do we claim to be objective or neutral, we are never impartial. We are not observers. We are participants.

We do not restrict ourselves to the symbolic. Tactical Media are about *real action* which requires the responsibility to act on ones propositions and suffer the consequences or reap the benefits.

Tactical Media are *Do it Yourself* or D.I.Y. media.

Tactical Media are what happens when cheap ‘do it yourself’ media made possible by the revolution in consumer electronics, are exploited by those who are outside of the normal hierarchies of power and knowledge.

Tactical Media *in practice* is the issue..

Control media and you control the public. Free media is a threat to control.

It is mobility that most characterizes the tactical practitioner.

Combining or jumping from one media to another creating a continuous supply of mutants and hybrids.

Tactical media are always provisional.

What counts are the temporary connections we are able to make. Here and now, Not some vaporware promised for the future.

To cross boarders, connecting and re-wiring a variety of disciplines and always taking full advantage of the free spaces in the media that are continually appearing because of the pace of technological change and regulatory uncertainty.

Although tactical media include alternative media, we are not restricted to that category. In fact we introduced the term tactical to disrupt and take us beyond the rigid dichotomies that have restricted thinking in this area, for so long, dichotomies such as amateur Vs professional, alternative Vs mainstream. Even private Vs public.

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