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Making not-for-profit and independent media available to the widest possible audience. Today, many of the best TV programmes are broadcast in the wee small hours. Some outstanding films don't make it onto TV at all! You need miss out no longer. At you can buy the best independent media at a sensible price., 10/12 Picton Street, Bristol BS6 5QA / +44 (0)117 942 7813 



Not In My Name III – Why War? The Invasion of Iraq, Film/Video, Platform Films
Undercurrents News Network 1, Film/Video, Undercurrents
Proud Arabs and Texan Oilmen (Gulf War Analysis), Film/Video, Platform Films
Cause Of Ireland, The: Troubles, 60's & 70's, Film/Video, Platform Films
Zapatista!, Film/Video, Big Noise Films
Battle of Trafalgar – The UK Poll Tax Riot, Film/Video, Spectacle
Drowned Out – Narmada Dam Story, India, Film/Video, Spanner Films
Rattle in Seattle, Capitals Ill, Crowd Bites Wolf, Film/Video, Guerillavision
Coconut Revolution, The (Bougainville story), Film/Video, Stampede
Nonviolence for a Change, Film/Video, Just Us Productions
Suits & Savages: GEF/World Bank & 'Development', Film/Video, Conscious Cinema
Mind The Gap: The 7/7 London Bombings, Film/Video, i-Contact
Hole In The Wall: Palestine under occupation, Film/Video, i-Contact
MAMA/M.A.M.A. – Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, Film/Video, Pissant Productions
Empire in the Andes – the war against the poor, Film/Video, Barricade Films
Outsiders: The Peace Convoy, Film/Video, Martin Parry
Very British Coup, A, Film/Video, Skreba Films
Battle of the Beanfield, The, Book, Andy Worthington
Mark Thomas Comedy Show 2005, Film/Video, Undercurrents
This is Camp X-Ray, Film/Video, UHC Collective
Not In My Name III – Why War? The Invasion of Iraq, Film/Video, Platform Films
SchNews at Ten …The Book, Book, Schnews
Peace Not War II, Music, i-Contact

 ….and much more!!


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