pa| |se [videoplayer]

pa||se is the alter-ego for Eloi Maduell on his VJ sessions from arround 2002. He started vjing in 1999 under TelenoikaVisuals team .

Nowadays pause vj defines a visual style based on own recorded or created footage, looking for the construction of a rythmic lenguage and a conceptual narrative in between the image bombing. Concise images, personal, clear and powerfull visuals. Frenetic style of rytmic repetitive sequences, searching to capture the attention of the audience.

Working in all kind of events, festivals, partys, clubs from arround Barcelona aswell as the rest of Europe. vj pause works alone and also in colaboration with other vjs and teams : Lectrovision, offTV, output_Video, Rotok and neXus. Sharing amazing sessions, festivals, laboratories, experiments, clubbing 😉
For 1 year now stopped VJing, and now he’s working in coding interactive systems and computer graphics and physical interfaces.

Playmodes :: interactive video-dance installation
+ info ::

pa||se vj 1st reference on Source Pure Visuals [vj label]
· 30 minutes DVD in [4 tracks + 2 remixs]
· 116 clips & loops

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