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Warpmap 0.1

WarpMap 0.1 : first release !

So finally we present here our first release of WarpMap, an small application that we’reusing to play videos with advanced warping capabilities in our projection mapping projects.
This first release it’s just the binaries on Mac (10.5.7) and Windows (XP) systems,once we’ve cleaned the code and test it on some hardwares we’ll publish the entire code project. This project has been developped in C++ with OpenFrameworks libs. http://www.openframeworks.cc/

WarpMap it’s a simple media-player application that let’s you play several layers of images or videos with a quad-warping and mesh-warp deformation effect for each layer. Configurable via XML files and controled via keyboard, mouse and OSC.
Download and test the software (please read first the documentation)

Documentation http://www.playmodes.com/pub/WarpMap_0.1/WarpMap_README_0.1.pdf
WarpMap_0.1 for Windows XP 32 bits http://www.playmodes.com/pub/WarpMap_0.1/WarpMap_0.1_Win32.zip
WarpMap_0.1 for MAC OS/X 10.5.7 http://www.playmodes.com/pub/WarpMap_0.1/WarpMap_0.1_OSX_10.5.zip
This is a beta-test release, so there could be some bugs and weird stuff 😉
Give it a try and let’us know if it runs on your system. We wellcome your feedback and questions ! And if you use it, please support our project with a donation ! There are a lot of new features we want to include and we need your support.

+INFO :: http://www.playmodes.com

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